Client Success Stories

Not all client transformations are about losing weight. Some want to improve blood markers, while others want to gain strength and lose inches. Take a look at what my clients have been up to.

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“Learning new exercises (and the proper way to do them!), positive feedback, motivation and accountability from Dacie was key. Having a plan and knowing what I need to do for the day/week, plus flexibility really helped me push myself, but it also worked with my busy schedule.”

Lost 20 lbs

“What can I say about Dacie; she’s amazing. Prior to training with her, I had weight loss surgery, but that was just one tool. Dacie introduced me to an entire new way of working out. Before training with her, I would exercise, but I quickly learned that I wasn’t doing things right. She worked with me on proper posture, what to work on, and how to make my workouts more effective.

I was amazed with how knowledgeable she was and she pushed me to do more, knowing I had more “gas in the tank.” To this day, I still incorporate what I learned from her in my daily workouts.

COVID has prevented me from working out with her, but with the wealth of information I learned from her, I’m now training properly. Along with the exercise advice, she gave me many tips on proper nutrition. I thought skipping meals would help me lose more weight, but she explained how that was counterintuitive.

Dacie is amazing and I can’t wait until things safely open up so that I can continue to learn from her.”

"Having you to talk to about food choices and recipes is super helpful. Stretches that help or adaptations of the PT (physical therapy) stretches that you suggested were all verified by a licensed PT/chiro. I’m down 15 lbs since June!"

Lost Inches and gained strength

"I truly enjoyed this program and saw great results within the first 2-3 weeks! I was very impressed. The concept of repeating workouts over the course of the month made complete sense as it explicitly showed any strength improvements that were gained gradually over time. Would definitely recommend the program to anyone that might be too overwhelmed at a gym to effectively get a great workout in. I also appreciated that Dacie was flexible with my travel schedule and helped me with some modified workouts during the times I didn't have my full home gym set up with me."

"Training with you is giving me a clear picture of what I am eating and why I’m eating it. It makes me want to get rid of old habits and replace them with new healthy habits. You customize an exercise plan that meets me where I am and works with my time constraints"

Gained muscle and improved pain

This 60 year old client came to me with a list of injuries that included her knees, feet, and back. She was also complaining about a lack of strength and had concerns about osteoporosis. After speaking with her physical therapist to get an idea of what she should be doing, we started to rebuild her strength and balance by doing rehabilitation exercises and then steadily increased her weights and activity.

Within 6 months she was no longer complaining about any of the areas where she was previously experiencing pain. You can also see from these photos that her physique was starting to change as she was getting stronger even though her measurements hadn’t drastically changed. My client has new lease on life and was out dancing, which was something she couldn’t do 6 months prior. She just shows that you can never be too old to make changes!

"While I was in Dacie's program I felt I always had someone to lean on for motivation when I was feeling down. Dacie helped so much with not only nutrition and exercise but my mental health as well. We worked through so many problems over the months and unfortunately I went through some hard times during my program but Dacie helped me through them. I have become to think of her as a friend not just a coach/trainer..”

Former Fitness Client

I designed a leg day routine for this individual who was having trouble with their knees. They have been consistently training with this program and have seen huge improvements in their leg day routine and have been pain free for over a year!

“Dacie was always someone I admired so when I decided to get a coach, she was obviously the first person I called. She listened; I mean like REALLY listened to me. I had many concerns and pretty high expectations, but she pulled through, as I expected. She developed a plan that was very stainable for my busy lifestyle, a plan that I feel confident that I will be able to maintain. She taught me to have grace with myself and how to truly live healthy. It’s more than just a program, Dacie helped me change my life.”

Lost inches and dress sizes

“My body composition is definitely changing and honestly, I’m thrilled with the results so far! I feel like this is something that is challenging but also easy for me at the same time, because I’m genuinely enjoying this and it fits my schedule! Allllll the praise to this program!”

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